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Posts That's what it means to be Australian.

Posted: January 7th 2020

How do we value the Australian Made dollar?

If it costs you $1 more to purchase the local product at the supermarket or an extra $10 to purchase a locally made garment, what happens to those extra dollars?

It’s not just the extra dollars that goes back into the community but the total amount of the purchase which increases with each spend in the supply chain.

Take a locally knitted jumper. The wool farmer grows his wool, feeding his sheep, tending to their every need, keeping them comfortable and healthy by supporting his local suppliers of feed, veterinary services, shearers’ and farm hands. The farmer then sells his greasy wool to the broker who sells the greasy wool to businesses who prepare it for spinning and dying, and yes there are still Australian companies doing this right here. When the wool top has been made into product that suits a knitting machine, it's purchased on cones, dyed and ready to knit. We pay our knitters and sewers, our sales and office staff, rent and all other costs including transport to and from the business and embroidery. Because we are an Australian owned company profits are taxed and stay in the Country to be spent over and over again.

Think about all the families in this supply chain that are going to benefit from your purchase. Your spend multiplies many times within the community, benefiting us all in more ways than just purchasing a great woollen jumper.

Isn't that what it means to be Australian?