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About Ultra Soft Yarn Care

Why are the baby blankets from Silver Fleece so incredibly soft?

Our goal was to have the softest blankets

When we first sat down and had a discussion about the idea of adding personalised baby blankets to our range, there was one standout must-have that we all agreed on whole-heartedly. That was of course … "our baby blankets must be one of the softest blankets available on the market"

We were already producing some of the softest and most luxurious cricket jumpers for the Sheffield Shield and Test matches as well as our range of next skin garments which are made from Merino State wool. So we just needed to source and select the perfect wool yarn to use in our baby blanket range.

The specialised yarn we use for our blankets

What we came up with is a chemical free, flame and stain resistant, long lasting pure Australian 20 micron merino wool which has been specifically twisted for an ultra soft feel.

Why is it so soft?

The trick to making any fabric feel soft is the way that the fibres are “spun” or “twisted” into yarn. The yarn in our blankets is made using the twisting two-fold process which means that the ends or single yarn spun are re-twisted in a softer, looser manner, which gives an even softer feel to the yarn and subsequent knitted fabric. The result is a natural, safe, durable, cosy and easy care blanket. Yes thats right "Easy Care Wool".

With proper care your blanket will last a long time

Just follow this guide to care for your new personalised baby blanket and it will last a lifetime.

Washing your blanket

  • Wash on Delicate cycle, using an approved Wool Mix laundry liquid
  • Do not use bleach or harsh detergents or any enzyme based detergents – they eat away at the natural wool fibre and thin the blanket
  • Do not leave to soak
  • If hand washing, do so with approved Wool Mix laundry liquid and immediately rinse and spin out all excess liquid in machine

Drying your blanket

  • To eliminate most moisture from blanket, wrap in towel and squeeze dry – this will leave blanket able to be dried overnight
  • Dry flat in the shade – hanging will cause the blanket to grow longer
  • Do not use pegs as these may harm the yarn and cause holes