It’s Australian Made week.  What does that mean to you?

It means so much to us as we have experienced a great increase in garment orders and enquiries starting with the same question “Where is it made?” At Silver Fleece we can proudly answer that question with “right here in our Adelaide factory.” The decision to support local in our case, means 20 staff can support their families and their community, so that the children being educated now will know that there will be jobs for them when they leave school. It means we can all invest in our future no matter what that may look like.

Why is it important to support Australian Made:

So yes on the most part buying genuine Aussie made costs a bit more but here’s some information we never hear about and why we need to make real changes. You can ask what’s the benefit of spending an extra $1 for inexpensive supermarket goods or perhaps an extra $10 for say a woollen jumper or beanie.  This is where it gets interesting and crucial to understand what our spending does for everyone.  So you’ve spent an extra $1 or $10 dollars. It’s not just $1 or $10 dollars as there are compounding flow on effects from your one purchase.

For example you’ve purchased the Aussie made knitted woollen jumper.
The retailer may gain an extra $10 which benefits the owner, the tax department, the landlords, the staff in wages, then there’s the benefit to those in logistics of getting that garment from manufacturer to retailer.   Plus there’s benefits to the knitting mill, the employees and their families, there’s those benefitting from the processing of the raw wool including those involved in dyes and sorting to the shearer and of course the farmer. It doesn’t stop there. Here you’re also assisting the grain suppliers, the veterinarian, the farm hands, fence builders /repairers and the list is almost endless.

We’ve become complacent and detached from the truth of how important and quickly we can positively affect our own countrymen and sadly the reverse happens when we only buy goods made overseas. A spiral downwards until we witness the demise of entire industries such as car manufacturing that we’re more than capable of supporting and nourishing.  To understand this involved process and the enormous benefits that our fellow Australians gain is the key to boosting and growing Australia.   It’s the many families in the supply chain from direct and Indirect industries who benefit.

It’s what being Australian means.

Spending just a dollar more is the first step to us securing our future and those many generations to come after us.

Author: Cathy Barton (Owner and Director Silver Fleece)

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