We have a size for every body

Silver Fleece offer a range of different cuts and sizing options, allowing for growth, harder to fit body shapes and tailored looks.

Garment Sizing – tape measure

Includes mens and womens standard rugby tops, jumpers and vests

Has a tapered waist and a slightly wider hip measurement to better fit the mature figure

Allows for growth with generous differences between length in body and sleeves

A custom made option for those harder to fit people

Sizing Indicators

Extra Length Option

To better accommodate the extra tall you can add the Extra Length option to any garment.

Sizing Charts

Unisex Sizing

UNISEXsizeto fit chest
XXS1490 cm
XS1695 cm
S18100 cm
M20105 cm
L22110 cm
XL24115 cm
XXL26120 cm
3XL28125 cm

Ladies Sizing

LADIESsizeto fit chest
XXS875 cm
XS1080 cm
S1285 cm
M1490 cm
L1695 cm
XL18100 cm
XXL20105 cm
3XL22110 cm

Childrens Sizing

CHILDRENsizeto fit chest
2c60 cm
4c65 cm
6c70 cm
8c75 cm
10c80 cm
12c85 cm

Made to Measure

Are you hard to fit? Would you prefer a specialised sizing?

We can tailor make a huge range of items, so you get the perfect garment. We also offer an extra length option on all School and Corporate wear for the extra tall people.

Have a question about sizing?

Please call us on 08 8118 6099 or use this enquiry form


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