You may not always win

but you can always look good!

How good does it feel to take the field when you know you’re looking great!

When your team image is winning, you’re already one up on the competition.

We know you want to look like the pros, and Silver Fleece can make that happen for you. Yes, sports is fun, but we take our work seriously and make sure your team gets the best quality uniforms and supporter wear. You can either tell us what you want or we can guide you through the design process to ensure you look great and feel confident.

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08 8118 6099

Sports and Team garments including

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • netball
  • basketball
  • tennis
  • golf
  • bowling
  • track and field
  • all team & individual sports
  • leisure activities

* If you get your cricket pullover from us, you’ll be wearing the same garments as the Test and Sheffield Shield teams.


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