Unlimited range of custom school uniforms made in Australia to the highest standards

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of our custom school uniforms, so the range of design and customising options is unlimited. You can have an Australian school uniform that is custom made, best quality and very comfortable to wear, we guarantee it.

If you have a particular design in mind or would like some help, we can work with you to produce a range of custom uniforms for your school. Here are some options to get you thinking.

Polo Shirts
custom school uniform - striped polo shirt
Rugby Tops
Korowa - Australian school uniform rugby top
Silver Fleece - custom school jumper wool nylon navy
Australian School Uniform scarf - cream with maroon

Care & Presentation

Each custom uniform is hand finished and pressed before packaging

Your Guarantee

Silver Fleece will replace or repair any uniform with a manufacturing fault

Australian Custom School Uniforms

Here in Australia, our climate is unique. From 40+ degree days in the summer to very cold winter days, our kids need a school uniform that can handle these temperature ranges. Breathable summer uniforms and warm cosy winter ones. We offer a range of fabric options to ensure that the uniforms your school kids wear are appropriate for your specific climate in your part of Australia.

Our business was founded on being an Australian custom school uniform supplier and we pride our continued success on the excellent quality, carefully manufactured (in South Australia) and great looking custom school uniforms we provide.

Many schools around Australia entrust us to provide them with a custom, unique, top quality, great looking and comfortable garment for their kids.

For every school that we supply school uniforms to, we aim to create a unique look that accurately represents what they stand for, their position in the community and the principles they adhere to. All in all, we aim to supply you with a custom Australian school uniform that they are proud of.


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