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Jumpers, rugby’s, hoodies, headwear, scarves and shirts

Customise and personalise it with your own designs. We’ll work with you to make your dream garment a reality and commemorate your special year.

coomealla school uniform rugby top - back
investigator college leaver jumper 2014 - front
investigator college leaver jumper 2014 - back
marian college school uniform rugby top - back
princes school leaver jumper 2014 - back

attention to detail

The Silver Fleece attention to detail is second to none and our huge range of colour, custom design options and women’s, men’s and custom sizing options means we can cater for all imaginations and produce the perfect school leaver garments for your needs.

whatever you want

We can screenprint, heatseal or embroider you custom school leaver design to your specifications. From colours and designs to custom prints, embroideries and school leaver names, let us help you and your Year 12 students make this an enjoyable and exciting activity.

create a memory

We assist in the design to whatever level is required and also provide graphical and product samples of leavers hoodies and tops so that you know you are getting the garment you want.

Send us your design and we will get back to you with graphic samples of what we can create for you. You’ll be amazed as you see it come to life. Contact us to find out more or click the button to start designing

Rugby Tops

Custom designed, rugby jerseys are our most popular school leaver garment.

This is due to the endless custom design options available and their great quality. Every part of the school leaver rugby is customizable. From the colours and striping, to the cuffs and collars, all of these can be custom knitted with the colours and designs you desire.

Then we can add embroidery, heatseals or any of our other custom design options anywhere on the rugby.

Embroidery to the back of the collar is a popular option on the fabric collar, as is the students name knitted into the fabric on the knitted collar. Silver Fleece rugby jerseys are also available in wool knit options.


Custom hoodies are very popular with school leavers and are a fashionable, yet comfortable option for school leaver tops.

We can create your custom hoodie in any colour combination and any custom design options you have come up with.

Hoodie styles include

  • plain hoodie
  • pockets
  • front pouch
  • zips
  • fabric lined with a feature colour

Cuffs and backs can also be custom knitted with stripes or names. The options are endless.

View our custom options page for more information and start designing. We can achieve the perfect school leavers hoodie for you.


Custom Senior Knitwear is a great alternative to other school leaver garments. It is a more formal option, which better fits with traditional school uniform requirements and can be suitable for all senior students as opposed to just year 12.

This is a fairly new product for Silver Fleece and is proving to be extremely popular. Our Senior Knitwear can be knitted from wool / nylons, a wool blend or even pure wool if desired. They are of the highest quality and are available in ribbed or cable knit.

We can also add embroidery, custom colours and striping where desired. Contact us for more information.

School Leaver Knitwear sample

Polo Shirts

School leaver polo shirts are a great quality, long life polo, available in either long or short sleeve.

Design options include colours, stripes, cuff design options and collar design options, all which can be knitted into the garment.

We can also knit names, initials or the school name into the collars or cuffs. Visit our custom design options page to find out what else we can offer you.

We can create your leaver t-shirt in any colour combinations and offer a range of custom collar options to really give your t-shirt a personal touch.

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